Portable Stove - Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove

A Portable Stove for Camping and the Beach

As we seem to be enduring the rainiest summer in memory and the heatwaves, as they come, come quick and fast – we need to make sure we are beach and camping-ready with the best portable stove you can grab and go with!

We know that within us all there is a love for an open fire, and in our houses, we’ve already sought out the best wood-burning stoves to meet our caveman urges.

Anevay already has an established position in the market for portable stoves, with their Frontier Stove being a popular choice for bell-tent campers and those looking for a portable cooking solution that can also heat their living space safely.

With their new Horizon Rocket Stove, Anevay has brought to the market a low-price cooking stove currently for sale for just £79 making it accessible to a large group of people who previously would have simply settled for the aluminium tray instant BBQ – whilst time and time again swearing when it goes out just before their sausages are cooked.

Portable Stove - Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove
Portable Stove – Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove

So far, the only complaint we’ve heard about the Horizon Rocket Stove is that it burns too hot and you have to let the fire settle for a while before it’s at the right temperature to cook your food and not just burn it.

Operating off just a small handful of fuel, sticks, and driftwood, or whatever you have to hand, the Rocket Stove is one of the most efficient fuel burners using its simple (but clever) chimney design to channel the airflow at a fast enough rate to not only burn the fuel but to create a smokeless fire once it gets going.

The cage design around the chimney ensures that even when the stove is going full blast, you can still pick up and move the Rocket Stove if the wind suddenly changes direction or you need to move up the beach as the tide is rolling in towards you.

man sitting facing fire in pot during night
Beach Campfire by Jeremy Bishop

The stove is a single unit with no moving parts plus it’s lightweight too, and therefore is great for chucking in the back of the car for a last-minute after-work trip to the coast or campsite – but at the same time, this design means that it is bulky and you’re not going to want it tied to your backpack for long.

The large cooking surface on the top of the stove is perfect for a large one-pot stew, or a beachside paella – just make sure to regularly stir your pot as the heat is directed heavily towards the centre of the pan.

As far as a low-cost simple to use portable stove goes, the Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove is our pick for the summer beach kit.