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Copse Magazine is about the whole life; covering family and parenting, home and decorating, life and living, travel and tourism, work and business. We call it being life centric.

Copse isn’t a niche magazine. Copse isn’t waiting for a life-work balance; it’s not saving for retirement, it believes in enjoying every day.

We believe in an integrated approach to a positive life; that it’s excellent to focus on one part of your life at a time but that ultimately all parts of your life are connected and interrelated through the central hub – you.

Yes – we believe that we are all self-centred and the difference is that you can make that a positive attribute. Be life-centric and achieve that life-work-family-home-travel balance sooner rather than later. Do more with less, perhaps, but be more mindful, more present in the moment, and do more with what you have right now.

We’ve segmented the Copse Magazine content via five broad categories; Family, House, Life, Travel, and Work. Through these categories (linked in the main site navigation) you will be able to read a variety of content from our in-house writers, our external contributors, freelance writers, and the occasional Marketer looking to promote their product or service.

All promotional articles and advertorials are labelled as such to ensure that we communicate openly about when published content is in return for a commercial gain or payment. Any links to external websites, products, or services whereby we may earn a commission from your eventual purchase with them, will be labelled with an asterisk (*), indicating that this is a referral link.

We look to bring together a balance of relevant articles, quotes, stories, photography, illustration, poetry, long-form writing, and more. We aim to provide a place for thoughtful and thought-provoking comment on topics wide-ranging but ultimately interconnected.

We put you at the centre of your world. And we want to hear from you too. Anyone is welcome to submit articles for publication. We don’t have to agree with your point of view for them to be published – but they do have to be of a high written standard and be of interest to our readers. We don’t want press releases that have been published on a gazillion other websites. Write incredible and unique content for us and specifically for our audience and we will welcome you with an open spell-checker and grammar examination.

Welcome to Copse Magazine, a life-centric reflection of us.


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Sailfin Magazines

Copse is published by Sailfin Magazines, the publishing division of Sailfin Ltd and is an online publishing company with a fresh outlook on advertiser – consumer relationships.

Established in 2007 before the days where magazines had websites, or those who did had paywalls and restricted all their content from readers, Sailfin Magazines launched with a unique approach for the time – We would publish articles for free and finance the magazines via paid-for content and advertising.

Public Relations agencies who proved that they could write well would be given open access to write for our magazines in the understanding that they could promote their client’s products and services provided it was communicated to our readers intelligently and interestingly.

We didn’t think it was rocket science; treating consumers with respect, understanding marketers requirements and establishing environments where the consumer receives the information they seek in a place where they can buy the product or service which is relevant and is presented to them in an honest and open manner.

Our network of online magazines have catered for consumers niche interests; wedding planning, pregnancy & early years, family and parenting, architecture, interior design, and furnishings, travel, tourism, and much more

We’ve provided a great combination of articles; user-generated content, expert opinion and supplier directories, publishing everything the reader needs to further their knowledge, or enjoyment of the given topic.

By utilising the power and reach of the Sailfin Magazines advertising network, you can access consumers in environments appropriate to their interests and needs, at a time when they have a propensity to purchase and they are actively searching for more information.

For more information on Sailfin Magazines visit the website here.

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