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Because Copse Magazine has no print subscription magazine, our site is funded through advertising and random but welcome acts of philanthropy.

Advertising and commercial income for Copse Magazine can take many forms depending on where there is the demand and where we as publishers feel that the most appropriate place would be for that promotion.

This advertising includes what you would traditionally call adverts; in the publishing world these are specifically known as display advertising, and these are the banners, MPUs, Skyscrapers etc. that you used to find plastered over websites and blogs but that have fallen out of favour of late.

Advertising can also take the format of paid-for content/editorial placement (advertorials, promotional articles etc. which are all clearly labelled as such). These articles are sub-edited before publication to check for grammar and spelling errors, but we do not warrant the information as accurate as it has been written by a third party outside of our control.

Occasionally we may also include affiliate links. These might be links to external products or services for which we earn a commission or payment based on the advertiser’s converted sales.

Copse Magazine is committed to being open and honest with you, and we will always label promotional content for which we have received a commercial benefit as promotional content or will explain the promoter’s involvement.

Copse magazine abides by the ASA CAP code on the presentation and content of advertisement features.

Copse Magazine Buyers Beware

We only do a basic check on any links we are paid to link to in terms of ensuring they are not obviously defamatory or inappropriate. We do not vouch for the integrity or financial stability of any of the companies linked. We are not responsible for their content.

If you are thinking of entering into a business/consumer relationship with any of the companies/websites we link to, then you should carry out your due diligence in advance of entering into that relationship.

If you have any concerns, please contact Copse Magazine.

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