slow living: how do we slow down our lives to live more intentionally. Image of the word slow painted on the road.

A need for Slow Living

There’s a need to slow down that happens to most of us at some point in our lives. It may be due to age or it could be due to illness or incapacity or a change in circumstances. But it often happens to us rather than it being something we planned for.

But what if we did?

Designing a Slower Life

When you go on holiday do you do so intentionally planning to do less? I do, even if it’s an exploring holiday where I will be very active – I’m still mostly planning on doing fewer things concurrently. I crave that slow living. I want to read a real book and not one on the screen of an ebook device.

I will read a book, I tell myself. I will sit and think. I will not be on my phone (as much). I will not have as many interruptions. I will choose how to spend my time rather than being reactive.

I will slow down.

And thus you have designed a slower life. But what happens when you get back? Will you be able to maintain a slower pace of life? Will you be able to continue to live so intentionally? Or will it all come crashing back down into a semi-chaotic responsive mess where we feel we have lost autonomy and control?

slow living: person holding kindle e book reader next to a real book
eBook vs paper – what’s better for slow living?

Slow you Down

There is a slow makers market taking place this weekend in Orford, Suffolk. An incredible showcase of crafts and handmade goods and furniture that has been made slowly – products that have had time and care invested into them rather than speed in pursuit of profit.

One of the companies exhibiting at the Orford slow makers market is a local company based out of Thorpeness, Mabel and Co.

Mabel and Co. are one of our favourite follows on Instagram, showing their beautiful slow made cards and stationery printed on their vintage printing press in the heart of the Suffolk coastal district.

Their stationery products are made with personal care and attention. Not for speed and mass manufacturing, but rather for quality and to fulfil the aim of creating something beautiful and wonderful, a piece of art in its own right.

Slow Living can be better

Maybe there’s a need for us all to slow down and solo-task a little bit more. Say no to a few more requests for our time and attention and dive into slow living intentionally. Unsubscribe to the newsletters and marketing emails. Hell, why not send a letter instead of an email?

Remember how refreshed you felt on holiday when that relaxation mode finally clicked into place. Channel that energy and see if you can take it a bit slower this week. It could just save your life.

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