a girl putting a christmas star on a christmas tree

Must-See Films For All The Family This Festive Season

What’s not to love about Christmas? The gifts, the turkey feast and the magic of Father Christmas, his elves and Rudolph; all of it contributes to that happy glow that radiates from even the grumpiest people throughout December and early January. The festive period is perhaps the one time of year when families can really enjoy each other’s company, with the kids free from homework … Continue reading Must-See Films For All The Family This Festive Season

What to do in Tuscany with the family

With beautiful rolling countryside, warm and enjoyable temperatures and stunning cities packed with art and history, Tuscany has plenty to offer for a unique and fun-filled family holiday. Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, the area still continues to retain a sense of rustic seclusion and laidback charm. From famous monuments, to dinosaur-packed parks and mountain biking through the stunning surroundings – not forgetting … Continue reading What to do in Tuscany with the family

The World’s Biggest Family and Me

Great documentary caught tonight on the DMAX channel – The World’s Biggest Family and Me. Originally a Channel 4 documentary, presenter Mark Dolan (twitter)  sets off on a global quest to learn the truth about families with ten or more children. What dictates the choices of some people to have large families and how do they operate? Mark travels to Canada to meet the Ionces. … Continue reading The World’s Biggest Family and Me

Why holiday in Sardinia this summer?

As the British Big Chill sets in even further, many are finding comfort in thoughts of this year’s summer holiday.  Instead of jetting off to Spain or Portugal this year, why not try the Med’s somewhat forgotten island, Sardinia, and sample a culture as passionate as it is beautiful.  Sardinian legend tells that once God had finished creating the earth, he scattered all the left-over … Continue reading Why holiday in Sardinia this summer?

The Haywain [Restaurant Review]

Bill Bailey once said that Little Chefs were built where the Ley lines crossed. Potentially true, but could also be just a statistical likelihood based on the density of restaurants. Or maybe ley lines don’t exist. You choose. And I’m not sure on the ranking of chain-restaurants, past the fact that Subway have slipped into the lead against McDonalds, both in terms of number and … Continue reading The Haywain [Restaurant Review]

Taking time out with the family in Turkey

What could be more ideal than a family holiday that includes a group-pleasing mix of history, relaxing beach time and new exciting cultures? If that’s your idea of holiday heaven, then consider a break in Turkey. This diverse country combines all of these great factors and more and, as it’s outside of the Euro, it provides a more reasonable financial option than many European destinations. … Continue reading Taking time out with the family in Turkey