Secret Garden Kent: Restaurant review for Brunch

Beautiful food that tastes as good as it looks, delivered within a stunning hidden retreat from the world – a walled secret garden straight out of the storybooks. Secret Garden is one of the two great restaurants based at Mersham le Hatch Business Park, a tranquil collection of small ‘artisanal’ businesses including a Day Spa, a Cookery School, a Wine Bar, and many more. Tucked … Continue reading Secret Garden Kent: Restaurant review for Brunch

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips: Product Review

Copse Magazine have long been big fans of 3M’s Command range of picture hanging strips, poster strips, self-adhesive hooks etc… or magic glue, as it’s known in our house. So where better to turn than 3M Command picture hanging strips for our latest DIY project: the young girl’s bedroom makeover. Before we redecorate the whole room, we needed a temporary upgrade – one worthy of … Continue reading 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips: Product Review

Zoflora disinfectant: Product review

If you are anything like me, then shopping for household items such as detergents and disinfectants leaves you standing zombified mid-aisle in the supermarket, staring at the bright colours and trying to read labels to find that one magical product to address your cleaning needs. You eventually give up and purchase something that seems vaguely familiar from a TV advert, and that when you get … Continue reading Zoflora disinfectant: Product review

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Product review

Now we have the opportunity to make cold-brew coffee at home, easily, and without making a massive mess (tested!). OXO Good Grips have produced a DIY cold-brew coffee maker that is easily assembled, used, broken down, cleaned, and stored. A friend of mine describes me as having ‘a cached version of the internet’; i.e. I ‘discover’ things about a day after everyone else… it’s like … Continue reading OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Product review

Leesa mattress – product review

Research: On looking through the Leesa website, we found all of the relevant information was there – the world of mattress purchasing can be quite daunting in terms of size, firmness, thickness, heat-transfer, etc but luckily (for us) the Leesa website successfully simplifies all this. Mostly by just offering one type of mattress. Leesa manages to strike a perfect balance between giving you the technical … Continue reading Leesa mattress – product review

Habitat TATSUMA Ash Kingsize bed: Product review

Investing in a new bed presents you with a combination of challenges: Choosing a style that suits your bedroom and house, choosing a price-point permitted by your budget, and choosing a size that gives you the maximum space to stretch out/cuddle-up/lay-far-enough-apart-that-you-don’t-kill-the-person-snoring-next-to-you. In the new Copse Magazine house (yes, my actual house), I have the restriction of up-and-over wardrobes framing each side of the bed space … Continue reading Habitat TATSUMA Ash Kingsize bed: Product review

Aqua Bristol Welsh Back [Restaurant Review]

Bristol waterfront is alive with people from when the sun comes out until late into the evening. Your choice on a Saturday becomes more about which stag party you wish to avoid more than any other, rather than getting away from them all completely. But Bristol also has its fair share of independent restaurants, cafes, and places to escape from fancy-dressed men. Tucked away on … Continue reading Aqua Bristol Welsh Back [Restaurant Review]

Must-See Films For All The Family This Festive Season

What’s not to love about Christmas? The gifts, the turkey feast and the magic of Father Christmas, his elves and Rudolph; all of it contributes to that happy glow that radiates from even the grumpiest people throughout December and early January. The festive period is perhaps the one time of year when families can really enjoy each other’s company, with the kids free from homework … Continue reading Must-See Films For All The Family This Festive Season

Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser

Gardener’s Knuckle

Eternal Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser Product Review My wife was looking over at me the other day and after a few sustained seconds, she realised she was staring, a glazed look in her eyes, so she adjusted her gaze, and then she whispered those three little words to me. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise. Ok, so it wasn’t quite the direction I thought the evening was … Continue reading Gardener’s Knuckle