Can you put jeans in the tumble dryer?

Can you put Jeans in the Tumble Dryer?

I know what you’re thinking, that we googled ‘what is the dullest article you can write?’ and what we came up with was can you put jeans in the tumble dryer? – but you’re wrong! This is at the cutting edge of what people really want to know – our top ranking article on this site is about what paint you should use, matt, silk, or gloss?

Should you wash jeans?
Should you wash jeans? Can you tumble dry them?

This is the key information that jeans-owning people have needed to know since the cowboys sat around campfires debating the merits of crotch-rivets and yellow puppets learned to dance in cars.

In short, the answer is maybe. Let’s take it back a stage.

Should you wash Jeans or not?

There are many, many different voices in the world of jeans-washing ranging from the peculiar (never ever wash them, just store them in the freezer to kill off bacteria), through to the expert master jeans-makers such as Hiut Denim, who believe that you should wash your jeans sparingly, gently, and in the bathtub.

Can you put Jeans in the Tumble Dryer?

Firstly, check the label. Most jeans will have a washing label that includes the circle-within-a-square symbol with a cross overlaid. This means do not tumble dry. This is usually due to the fact that not only is it likely that your jeans will shrink, but it can also cause trauma and damage to the denim material. Because of the varied thickness of the material such as the waistband, crotch, and pockets versus the leg material – the speed at which a tumble dryer heat is applied can cause uneven wear. However, newer tumble dryers can have almost-cold air settings which reduce the damage caused by the heat and avoid the likelihood of shrinking. What’s a person to do?

Ideally, it’s best to air dry them somewhere where it’s both warm and the air can pass over the jeans as they dry. This avoids any smells associated with dampness and helps them to dry at a speed much gentler than what you can achieve in a tumble dryer – even if it’s on its lowest heat setting.

Regardless of how you decide to dry your jeans, it’s recommended that you only dry them around 90% before putting them back on and wearing the last 10% of dampness off. This can help the jeans to shape back to your body and to get a closer fit that’s sure to make them look more tailored and less like a worn canvas pair of your dad’s old jeans.

So in summary, it’s really up to you. Although you can put your jeans in the tumble dryer, it’s not recommended (but if you do then turn the heat down/off). Air dry wherever possible, but mostly just care for them as much as they care for you and that way they will keep you company for years.