Eva zu Beck Expedition Wild

Eva zu Beck: Weekly Travel Documentary

If you are unfamiliar with Eva zu Beck and yet you are looking to travel the world from your sofa and live vicariously through other people’s travels while saving up for your own, then you can do much worse than scouring YouTube for a new generation of adventurers who are exploring the world on your behalf.

Eva zu Beck is one of our current favourites and she has a large back catalogue of travel docs on YouTube exploring Pakistan, the Middle East, Turkey, Poland, Croatia and beyond. Last year (2021) she purchased herself a Landrover Defender called Odyssey and spent the year upgrading her, travelling in her, and repairing her – as is common with Defenders!

Currently (June 2022), Eva is embarking on her longest journey in Odyssey, starting in South America and driving north to Alaska and back again all the way to the southern tip of South America again.

It’s likely to be a two-year journey and you can follow it almost live by subscribing to her YouTube channel. So far we have seen the preparation for the adventure whilst resident in Poland, with all the purchasing of the equipment needed along with the preparation of the documents and legal papers required for such a trip and the shipping of Odyssey via container ship from Europe to America.

Eva zu Beck is well known on Instagram and in travel broadcast circles for her solo-female travel documentaries some of which have been broadcast on mainstream TV. But it seems that on YouTube where she is the actor, director, and editor that she really comes to life as the natural travel documentary host that you would want to spend time with. She conveys her lust for travel and adventure along with trail running (but not cooking!).

We don’t know how the expedition will pan out, but from the episodes so far it looks to be a wonderfully scenic exploration of the lesser-known parts of the United States and South America. Follow along by subscribing to her YouTube channel

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