Terrazzo rug from Edito

Terrazzo Rug from Edito: Classic Style

The Terrazzo Rug from Paris brand Edito adds yet another winning design to the portfolio of designer Isabelle and art director Tom, building on their previous success at the international design fair Maison et Objet where they won the Discovery Award in 2016.

As winter sets in and the light fades from the day a little faster than we would like, it seems a good point to bring in some of the summer styling that can keep our spirits high until March next year when the sunlight returns to both ends of our day. Fake it until we make it is our motto when it comes to battling off the negative effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, so along with a revamp of our home and office surroundings, we like to move things around a bit so that we spark new joy in our senses.

Drawing on Isabelle’s lived experiences and influences from her time in Tunisia, Morocco, and India, the rug design invokes a nostalgic feeling of classic terrazzo floors that adorned hotel lobbies, walls, and were a precursor to the less beautiful vinyl flooring that followed.

We’ve looked before about how you can easily update the look, feel, and comfort of any room in your house by updating and upgrading your soft furnishings and specifically about how you can decorate your house with carpets and rugs.

Although Edito also offers a premium wool rug collection, it was their vinyl rug collection that caught the eye of the Copse magazine editors, with the terrazzo and the tomettes patterns making us reach for our Euros.

We were immediately transported to a chic Parisian cafe or the entrance to a beautiful Moroccan villa. Who wouldn’t want that on a grey day in Kent?

The Terrazzo Rug is available in a variety of colours including two shades of green along with grey, beige, rose, and more. The Tomettes pattern is available in grey, green/blue, and a stunning multicolour effect which you may well spot inside our office.

The Edito terrazzo rug is available in the UK from online company Bombinate.