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Designer Lounge Chair: Camerich’s smaller option

If you’re looking for a Designer Lounge Chair to fit into a smaller space, then Camerich is back with a smaller version of their Leman living room chair which could be the answer you’re looking for.

With the height and seat-height dropped by a few centimetres each, the main space-saving on the designer lounge chair is to be found on the width of the Lounge Chair, down by 10cm.

Leman small designer lounge chair/designer living room chair
Leman Small Designer Lounge Chair’s cuboid silhouette is exquisite

The metal framework design of the Leman Small lounge chair is stunning in its simplicity and yet gives an aesthetic of strength through its visible structure and silhouette.

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The contemporary design feels familiar, with a possible nod to Le Corbusier’s LC1 designer living room chair, and yet comes across as having inherently more strength without looking ‘chunky’ or too metallic in build.

Leman small designer lounge chair/designer living room chair
The Leman Small designer lounge chair is available in a variety of fabrics and colours

As with any of Leman’s designer lounge chair range, all models are available to be custom ordered in a range of fabrics and colours and you can either look through the options on their website or visit one of their global showrooms where they keep a stock of the most popular combinations.

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Camerich has been expanding rapidly and although they only launched in 2010, they now have a designer furniture presence in over 46 countries across the world.

They aim to produce affordable furniture with high-end design, as evidenced by their designer lounge chair range, sofa beds, and fitted wardrobes. All of their furniture is built to last.

Learn more about Camerich designer furniture on their website: