Following on from our article taking a look at the world of Sofa Beds, we thought we’d take the opportunity to pull together a gallery of our favourite guest beds, sofa beds, and options for snuggling down in front of the TV.

Firstly we return to Prostoria’s up-lift sofa bed. Prostoria is a furniture company based in Zagreb, Croatia. We’ve been hugely impressed with their fresh approach on contemporary furniture design, and their sofa beds are no exception. It’s worth having a look through their website and the different configurations and folding mechanisms – watch the youtube videos for more insight! Visit Prostoria’s website

The Pisa sofa bed from Dwell is an ‘instant sofa bed’. Simply pull forward the back rest and let it fall back flat (softly). It turns a strikingly impressive contemporary sofa design into a lay flat bed in seconds. The only consideration we would advise here is that materials suited for sitting on are not always the best for sleeping on interns of breathability. Choose carefully though and you will be thrilled with Dwell. After you’ve picked up all the cushions that keep falling through that gap… View Dwell’s sofa beds here.

Habitat have along been a favourite at Home & Decorating Towers, and although on occasion over the years, their design range and product quality has been known to dip, they seem to have really returned to form and found a place within the Home Retail Group as the design jewell in the crown. The Kota sofa bed is still on the lower side of both the design and price scale, but it’s simplicity without being ‘blocky’ is what appealed to us. View the Habitat Kota sofa bed here.’s contribution to our sofa bed review is their Yoko model. With a simple fold back design, the sofa bed is well supported, and although comfortable for one, could be extremely cosy for two. Have a look at the Yoko here.

When we were looking around at the various options in terms of sofa beds and guest beds, we definitely found that the day bed seems to be making a comeback. You can’t get much more simple than a day bed, and the next two examples are classics from the furniture world.

Firstly is a H&D favourite; Charlotte Perriand’s 514 Refolo available through Cassina. Designed in 1953, this is a modular system based around a beautiful yet elegantly simple oak bench – combined with individual seating cushions to convert into a sofa and a guest bed. View the 514 Refolo here.

Looking purely at utility, we’ve included Le Corbusier’s day bed from his Cabanon in the south of france. Although having your head resting next to a deconstructed toilet is not everyone’s ideal way to get a good night’s sleep, we admire the simplicity of the sold base, the built in arm rest/ pillow rest, and the integrated storage. Although simple in looks, all of the functionality and more, has been catered for.

Similar in design to the Pisa sofa bed from Dwell (or vice versa), the Puzzle Wood sofa bed from Innovation is another simple butterfly fold design with a stepped split. While some may find the ability to scoot one’s bottom back a bit further, as a positive point, we would advise testing the sofa out to ensure you feel you have adequate lower back support. It is good looking though! View the Puzzle wood sofa bed here.