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How To Convert Garage Into an Office or Extra Living Space

Let us take a moment to remember the long forgotten garage. So often built as a safe place to keep our cars, little by little the space starts be taken over by other ‘stuff’. The exercise bike bought last January, used once and left to gather dust, the children’s clothes that are too small for your kids but you just can’t bring yourself to give away and the huge box of Christmas decorations. Before long your car is parked on the street (let’s face it, it’s easier!) and your garage has become a concrete junk box which you daren’t even attempt to enter. However, with just a little bit of work, this concrete jungle can be turned into a beautiful, extra living space for you and your family. Yes, you can convert your garage into an office space.

Guest Room/House

If space for visitors is at a minimum, then turn your garage into an extra guest room. By adding a lick of paint, carpet and a bed your concrete room will already start to resemble a cosy bedroom. You can also add a small kitchen; mini fridge, kettle and microwave, to turn the room into a small guest house. Utilise the large space where the garage doors used to be by replacing them with a huge window, creating a beautiful, light and airy space for your visitors.

Library Room

There is something so completely luxurious about the idea of having your own library. Somewhere to snuggle up on a sofa under a cosy blanket on a winters evening, hot chocolate in one hand and a good book in another. Surprisingly, it is not that difficult to achieve this in your garage. By adding either carpeted or wooden flooring, and creating wall-to-wall shelves to house your books, you are already halfway there. For furnishings add a large sofa, a few armchairs and perhaps a beanbag; basically, fill the room with comfy places to sit and read.

Convert the Garage into an Office

Creating your own office space has huge benefits. Firstly, it will make your commute non-existent, you could even work in your PJs! As well as giving you a quiet space to concentrate away from the hubbub of the family. Also, if you convert the garage into an office it will allow you the ability to know when work has ended. If you always have your laptop set up on the kitchen table it can be quite hard to stop working, you may plan to just check your emails after dinner, but before you know it 3 hours have gone by. As well as including an area for your desk and files, if space allows, why not create a meeting area, it just needs a table and a few chairs. If you convert the garage into an office then it means that you can hold meetings in your home office, though you may have to change out of your PJs!


Give your children their very own space to play (and you a break from constantly stepping on Lego) with their own playroom. It would be a good idea to fully carpet the floor to prevent big bangs when the children inevitably fall over. Buy lots of boxes to store the toys and create a quiet-play area with beanbags and cushions. Ensure the surfaces are easily wipe-clean so clearing up is a singe. Perhaps paint one wall in blackboard paint, so your kids can scribble and doodle on the wall to their heart’s content. If you have a small garage then why not turn it into your children’s very own Wendy House. Put in a play-kitchen and table, so your kids can play make-believe in a safe and secure environment.

Music Room

Having a place to practise your music that doesn’t disturb your neighbours is a great idea. Ensure that you sound-proof the space sufficiently with insulation, which will not only keep everyone else happy but will also help the acoustics in the room as well. In terms of interior design, it really is up to you. Keep it simple with a lick of paint and minimal furniture or create a sound-studio vibe, with leather sofas and perhaps a mini bar.

Garden Room

Create your very own garden room – similar to the garden snug that we featured – a quiet tranquil space where you can sit and read, come rain or shine. Repaint the walls in pastel shades like fawn or soft blues and fill the room with indoor plants and fresh flowers. Flowing fabrics, soft lighting (occasional lamps, fairy lights) and cushions will create a tranquil atmosphere where you can relax.

If all these ideas are making you jealous of anyone with a garage, why not start completely from scratch and design your very own garage building. Lidget have a wealth of experience, so you can create the garden room of your dreams.

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