3M Command Picture Hanging Strips: Product Review

Copse Magazine have long been big fans of 3M’s Command range of picture hanging strips, poster strips, self-adhesive hooks etc… or magic glue, as it’s known in our house.

So where better to turn than 3M Command picture hanging strips for our latest DIY project: the young girl’s bedroom makeover.

Before we redecorate the whole room, we needed a temporary upgrade – one worthy of a 9-year-old Princess.

We decided the quickest transformation we could organise would be the creation of a dressing table – somewhere for makeup, hairbrushes, shells from the beach, and endless hairbands that can never be found when it’s time for school.

First up was the appropriation of existing furniture – the chest of drawers, and a small stool to sit in front. The final addition was a mirror to be placed just above the drawer unit and stuck to the wall. Enter 3M Command Picture hanging strips.

Within 2 minutes we had peeled off the backing strips, stuck four of them to the back of the mirror and then pressed the mirror firmly against the wall. Hey presto – one dressing table, and because the Command Strips stick better than anything else we’ve tried (excluding Gripfill skirting board adhesive) we have no worries about the mirror crashing down in the middle of the night… AND because they peel off like magic, we know we can easily take the mirror down when we finally get the pain pots out!

James Cole

James Cole is the Group Editor for Sailfin Magazines and oversees our titles and content creation. He's literally the person who dots our 'i's and crosses our 't's across our Home and Garden Magazine section, our Family and Parenting Magazine, our Life & Wellbeing Magazine, Our Travel and Tourism Magazine, and our Business and Work sections.