Let the light in – house cleaning for maximum results

If you take a moment to picture the copsemagazine.co.uk towers I’m sure that you imagine us to be leaning back relaxed on our Barcelona Chairs, checking out new designs on our iPad, set amongst our minimalist interior. If you haven’t already seen the Unhappy Hipsters blog, now’s the time to check it out.

Sadly, the reality is that the recycling is piled up on the side, we’re not sure who’s turn it is to load the dishwasher and the spiders have calculated the length of the (non-colour-coordinated) feather duster and set up home in an unreachable corner.

It’s no good waiting for a rainy day. That was March, April, May, and June. The time to clean has arrived, that time is now. So how can you make the biggest difference in the shortest space of time?

First things first; before you clear any space make sure you know where you are clearing to. Go get some trugs, some strong bin bags, and a cardboard box for the recyclables.

Now start at the door to the room (and focus on one room at a time). Work your way around the room, look at each item that’s not fixed down and decide if it should be there, and if not where is it going or can you throw it away? Rinse and repeat.

Once you’ve cleared the room it’s time for the cleaning. Wipe down the sides, get the duster out, vacuum the floor and the skirting boards, vacuum the cupboards, and then move on to the real cleaning.

If we take the kitchen as the room in question, then get an ovenpride bag and sort out the oven, clean the hob down, disinfect the worktop and dig around the cleaning cupboard for your window cleaning supplies.

It may sound simple but cleaning the windows can make a massive positive effect on the look of your room. Let more light in, and the room is brighter and the colours more vivid. Get rid of the smears and people’s focus is on the view beyond and not stopped by a blurred piece of glass.

Last to do is the floor, don’t mop yourself into a corner, and make sure you are using the right floor cleaner products. Vacuum and brush the floor first and you’ll see the best results. Make sure you haven’t left your phone, wallet, or keys on the far side of the room and clean the floor in a logical pattern to ensure you don’t miss any. Work back to the door and make sure you have somewhere to dispose of the dirty water other than the sink that’s back in the room with the wet floor you’ve just cleaned. Seriously, if you have kids like mine, then don’t leave a mop and bucket full of water unattended. They like to erm… help!

image: limpiacrystales by -Merce-

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