World's longest Zipline by Ras al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, Jebel Jais

Buying a mattress – the revolution has started

In the world of interiors, there are many trends, seasons, fads, and cycles. In terms of home furnishings retail, we have regular calendar events such as spring cleans/refurbs, summer/winter/Christmas staging. As purchasing consumers we have life events such as moving house, combining households, babies, and empty nests. All of these result in fairly predictable product launches, colour-schemes, and ‘the-next’big-thing(s)’. It’s an inbox of press releases … Continue reading Buying a mattress – the revolution has started

Habitat TATSUMA Ash Kingsize bed: Product review

Investing in a new bed presents you with a combination of challenges: Choosing a style that suits your bedroom and house, choosing a price-point permitted by your budget, and choosing a size that gives you the maximum space to stretch out/cuddle-up/lay-far-enough-apart-that-you-don’t-kill-the-person-snoring-next-to-you. In the new Copse Magazine house (yes, my actual house), I have the restriction of up-and-over wardrobes framing each side of the bed space … Continue reading Habitat TATSUMA Ash Kingsize bed: Product review

Artichoke - London's Burning: Great Fire 350

Mid-century Modern Bedrooms

It’s often said that the bedroom should be a place of refuge; a place to escape and unwind to at the end of the day. But aside from opulent luxury and hotel-style comfort, how can you achieve a pared-back minimalist look that feels warm and inviting with high-quality craftsmanship and functional, thoughtful design. Welcome to the world of mid-century modern bedrooms. Continue reading Mid-century Modern Bedrooms

Print your own furniture

I came across this today – a new project on Kickstarter, but a project that’s been alive for some time online and amongst Those In The Know… print your own furniture, by Filson and Rohrbacher. The concept is thus… Filson and Rohrbacher have produced a range of furniture designed to be cut from sheets of material (aluminium, wood, plastic, glass…). The difference between them and that Swedish … Continue reading Print your own furniture

How to make a rental feel homely: adding pictures without nails

There are many plus points to renting a property – the lack of concern about the value of your house, the maintenance is the responsibility of someone else (assuming you have a good landlord) and the ability to up sticks and move to pastures new in a relatively easy and painless manner. However… There are also drawbacks, at least if you have a contract like … Continue reading How to make a rental feel homely: adding pictures without nails