Habitat TATSUMA Ash Kingsize bed: Product review

Investing in a new bed presents you with a combination of challenges: Choosing a style that suits your bedroom and house, choosing a price-point permitted by your budget, and choosing a size that gives you the maximum space to stretch out/cuddle-up/lay-far-enough-apart-that-you-don’t-kill-the-person-snoring-next-to-you.

In the new Copse Magazine house (yes, my actual house), I have the restriction of up-and-over wardrobes framing each side of the bed space in the master bedroom. This gives me a maximum space within which I can place the bed.

It’s a tricky size meaning that with a standard bed frame, I can just about fit in a double bed, despite the gap is large enough to fit a kingsize mattress. Those few extra inches of space might not seem much, but having moved from a home with a supering mattress, the thought of moving to a standard UK double mattress seemed like one step too far towards feeling trapped.

But as with many things in the home, decorating, and interior design world, there is always a solution. In this instance I turned to platform beds – simple, pared back design that allows for the bed frame to be the same width as the mattress it supports, thus allowing for the maximum width mattress.

Depending on the style of the platform bed, the supporting legs can sometimes project further out than the edges of the mattress. This seemed like a recipe for stubbed toes to me, and so a selection of potential beds was immediately rejected.

Next up is the DIY option. There are at least one thousand and six options for creating your own DIY platform bed, but with a lack of preparation space, tools, and er, skills, this also seemed like a less attractive option, and so the search continued.

The other consideration on my part was to try and find a bed that would suit my taste in modern minimalist furniture but one that would also fit into the period property into which I was moving.

The solution was found in Habitat’s TATSUMA Ash kingsize bed. Designed by Habitat’s in-house team, the Tatsuma ash kingsize bed is a clean-lined design with a double rail headboard and elegantly tapered legs.

As it’s part of the Tatsuma bedroom furniture range, the bed can also form part of a more extensive makeover of your bedroom furniture and is also available in both ash and a walnut stained finish.

Tatsuma is a standard UK size bed frame W150 x L200cm, and the legs don’t extend further out than the frame above, thus giving you the aesthetics of an almost ‘floating’ platform bed, but with the advantage of a bedhead, and the opportunity to get the largest size mattress that your space allows for.

The bed arrived boxed and ready for a simple home-assembly. Each part was well protected and wrapped in foam packing ensuring that the wood was perfectly unscathed despite its likely journey rolling around the back of a courier’s van.

With the headboard and foot already partly assembled, finishing the bed was a quick, simple, and painless task, and within half an hour I could stand back and admire the beautifully crafted finished product.

The bed is well-designed, beautifully crafted, simple to assemble, and truly gives you the most mattress for floor space. The Habitat TATSUMA Ash King Size bed is Copse Magazine’s top pick.

For more information visit http://www.habitat.co.uk/