Quick read: Patrik Schumacher after Zaha Hadid

I very much miss Zaha’s caring friendship, her energy, her probing humour, and much more. As a practice we miss her indefatigable and infectious passion for architecture and her relentless drive for perfection.

An interview in The Guardian at the weekend, with Patrik Schumacher, makes for a fascinating quick read. Schumacher is now in charge of the Star-architecture firm that until Hadid’s death earlier this year, was fronted by one of the most successful and powerful women, the world of architecture has ever experienced.

Rowan Moore, interviews Schumacher and gives some interesting insights into how he sees the practice developing, their current projects, and the style of architecture that he has developed over the last 28 years.

Read more of the interview here Zaha Hadid’s successor: my blueprint for the future

It’s also worth linking here to one of my favourite radio interviews with Zaha Hadid. It highlights her incredible talents, presence, and her incredible sense of humour: Zaha Hadid talked to Razia Iqbal and an audience in London at the Royal Institute of British Architects about her work and the future of architecture. This programme was orginally broadcast in June 2013. Listen here: Zaha Hadid – Dream Builder