Lighting Interior Design Tips

Lighting Interior Design Tips

Lighting Interior Design Tips dictate that the right lighting scheme is at the heart of every stylish home. Wherever you live and whatever your taste, lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to instantly add atmosphere and make your house feel like a home.

Why is the light important?

Good lighting can transform a space, create atmosphere, set a mood, direct attention and stir emotion – so it pays to get it right. Most rooms will require a variety of lighting layers to achieve that desired effect:

  • GENERAL LIGHTING: provides overall illumination
  • FEATURE LIGHTING: highlights key focal points and special features TASK LIGHTING: assists with close-up work (e.g. cooking, reading)
  • DECORATIVE LIGHTING: adds the perfect finishing touches

The Kitchen

The heart of the home: a sociable space for preparing meals, relaxed dining, entertaining friends and spending time with family. Such a versatile and lived-in room calls for a lighting scheme that’s fresh, functional and homely.

Think about what you use your kitchen for – cooking, eating, working, playing, studying, relaxing or all of the above! – and then base the tone of your lighting around that.  Dimmable spotlights will allow you to change the mood in your kitchen – so they are nice and bright for when you’re prepping food and then turn it down a notch for when you plan to entertain.

At you can choose from a selection of bulbs to create the right tone, from natural daylight, welcoming warm white or clean cool white spots for a super-bright, practical and stylish finish.

Light up dingy drawers and cupboards with intuitive LED Door Sensor Cupboard Lights. They come on exactly when you need them to, and automatically switch off when you close the door or drawer – so no energy goes to waste.

The Living Room

Living room lighting is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming space for you, your family and guests to unwind – and with the right products, it’s easy for your own personality and style to shine through.

A chandelier is a perfect way to create a focal point in the room and bring a bit of wow factor! We love the Estella five-arm chandelier from John Lewis, for some understated glamour.

The traditional exposed bulb look is back! LED Hut’s vintage-style LUMiLife bulbs feature a visible filament, but are also super-efficient and give out bright light instantly – so you get a retro feel in a modern setting.

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The Dining Room

This is where guests often spend most of their time – so it’s important to make the right impression with an inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a romantic candle-lit meal or a big family lunch – the right lighting scheme will help set the mood.

Side lamps are a great way to highlight specific areas of your room or eye-catching furniture pieces. Whether you go vintage, modern or glam with your lamp choice.

A hanging light fixture will create a real focal point for any dining room. Whether you have a traditional chandelier or a modern pendant – this is a perfect way to draw the eye to the dining table and create a social atmosphere.

The Bedroom

This room is all about comfort – and where better to start than with soft, laid-back lighting? Bedroom lighting is best kept simple, cosy and stylish; choose warm white shades for your bedside lamps and ceilings lights – avoid harsh bright white shades.

Add a dreamy glow in an instant with LED fairy lights. Drape them on the bedstead, or

display in a jar to create a simple focal point. Opt for clear cables – so wherever you put them, it’s their sparkle – not the wires – that shines through!

Bored of rummaging through dark and gloomy wardrobes? Illuminate your storage with a wardrobe lighting kit from, easy to install with no wiring required, you will really appreciate this nifty piece of technology during dark mornings and winter nights.

The Bathroom

As one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, bathroom lighting schemes need to be clean, bright and practical – with extra little touches to help create a softer, more tranquil feel when needed.

Multilayered lighting is the key in this room, for example, practical ceiling spotlights combined with decorative wall lights above mirrors or to illuminate an alcove will give you the option for a more relaxing lighting effect.