This one time… at Summer Camp. They had alcohol!

Ever wanted to to escape the rat race for a weekend and go back to that excitement and adventure you had as a child? Did you ever go on a summer camp? A scout camp? The thrill of a large group of people getting to know each other through active participation whilst camping under the stars.

Sounds amazing. Admittedly my memories are of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award trips, and those involved more blisters, more rain, and fewer ‘fun activities’.

But fear not, Adam Tichauer, a Canadian man in New York (h/t Sting)… has created CNC – Camp No Counsellors  (US spelling).

The concept is simple – it’s a summer camp for adults, with no counsellors – no restrictive adults trying to keep you safe!

Instead what you get is effectively an all-inclusive short break, dormitory accommodation, a chance to reconnect with nature, and maybe importantly – an open bar.

How Canadian entrepreneur Adam Tichauer set up Camp No Counselors, one of a growing number of summer camps for adults.

This year they will be running at least 30 camps for up to 200 people, across 10 locations, including Maine, Tennessee and California in the US, and Ontario in Canada. It works out about £430 for a 3 night stay, but the memories and the friendships could last much, much longer.

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Source: Release your inner child – summer camps for adults – BBC News