Decorating Rental Properties

When you’re getting your rental property ready to put on the market it’s vital to get the colour scheme right. You can help to create a light, spacious and airy environment using cool tones that will make your property more appealing to prospective tenants.

This is not necessarily the time to apply your own interior decorating choices. If you favour walls in loud colours such as red, purple, yellow and blue then think again. While that might suit your own personality and indeed the style of your own home, a rental property needs to be neutral.

The Right Colours

Choosing cool and calm colours helps to create a sense of spaciousness which is especially useful if your rooms are relatively small. Dark tones will absorb light in a room so avoid them. Instead, go for white or off-white, or light creams and beiges. If your property is in a basement or doesn’t enjoy much natural light then the right colour palette will really help to lift a gloomy interior.

If you’re letting the property unfurnished it will much easier for potential tenants to imagine their own belongings in it against a background of neutral walls. If the property is furnished then it’s also more straightforward for you to buy furniture that will sit easily in a neutral environment.

Be careful not to be too bland, however and think about adding warmth, interest and texture to your property with the flooring, tiles, blinds and curtains.

The Right Finish

The materials you use are also important. Use paint to decorate instead of wallpaper, which is expensive to buy and, if you are employing someone to do the decorating, costly to put up. It’s also going to be more difficult and expensive to replace or repair.

Don’t spend extra on designer paints unless your rental property is at the top end of the market. Standard paints are fine but check that they are likely to continue to be produced in case you need to touch up in the future, or buy a spare tin.

Paint skirting boards in hard-wearing gloss and choose paints that can be wiped down. Specialist kitchen and bathroom paints should be used in these rooms as they will cope better with the slightly damp conditions and are also wipeable.

Always make sure that the property is decorated to a high standard and don’t cut corners. Not only will it spoil the finish but it might make potential renters concerned that the shoddy workmanship extends to other areas and put them off signing a contract.

It’s important that you get specialist landlord insurance for your buy to let property. It will not be covered by a standard home insurance policy. The cover will protect the building’s structure and most policies also include fixtures and fittings such as kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, laminate flooring, white goods, curtains and light fittings. You can also take out contents insurance if your property is being let furnished. Always read the policy carefully to check what’s covered as it may vary between providers.

Getting the interior of your rental property right can really help to enhance it and make it more attractive to renters. By appealing to as wide an audience as possible you are more likely to achieve a quick let. The happier someone is in the property the more likely it is they will stay on, which is also easier for you as a landlord.

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