Costa del Olds

I know a lot of people who having travelled to the Costa del Sol, have not wanted to go back, (mainly because they flew via a conveniently low price airline, all knees round the ears legroom, and a slight orange hue).

These battle-weary passengers, never want to fly out again, and yet they probably will in exactly 50 weeks time.

What if the trip was from Manhattan, where you live some of the time, to your island in the bahamas. I bet you would take that flight.

How about we turn the table so that the purpose of our flight is to attend a court hearing… I bet you wouldn’t be as keen then?

However, completely unrelated (I’m sure), Sean Connery, who happens to have has a court hearing booked in Spain this week, failed to turn up because he is ‘too old’ to fly; specifically a letter to officials in Marbella stating that he cannot fly due to his age and health.

Sir Sean, we hope you feel better soon and can continue to travel!