What is World Book Day? What should my child wear?

World Book Day 2018 is fast approaching and we’re excited to begin our Book Day planning to help make it one of the best Book days ever. Taking place in schools up and down the country, World Book Day celebrates a love of literature and is enjoyed by Children of all ages. Originally created 21 years ago as a way of encouraging children to read, … Continue reading What is World Book Day? What should my child wear?

Science is Kids play: Children fight Malaria

Science-led healthcare company GSK challenged school children across the UK to come up with their own solutions to the problem posed by malaria and by doing so, they hope to ignite a real creative spark and enthusiasm for STEM subjects in school. The future of scientific research and development in the UK looks to be bright, as the children took to up the challenge with … Continue reading Science is Kids play: Children fight Malaria

Aimee Tan with Barrow Hills pupil

Why do we have homework? 

How many times, as teachers or parents have we answered this question, and to what extent are we satisfied with our answers?  It’s easy to trot out stock responses: to consolidate your classwork; to help you develop good learning habits; to make sure we get through the syllabus…but are we sure that the homework our pupils and children are being set is a meaningful and … Continue reading Why do we have homework? 

Can School Canopies really help kids get active?

It is a known fact that physical activity plays an important role in improving the overall health and fitness levels of school children. Not only does it improve circulation and increase blood flow to the brain, but increased physical activity also helps to reduce stress levels and help students to achieve more academically. Being active during the day, whether at school or not, also helps … Continue reading Can School Canopies really help kids get active?

Parental guilt: school choice

Ah, the new year cometh, Christmas will speed past, and the daffodils will poke their way through, waiting for the snowdrops to overtake them speedily into bloom. Oh and the dawning realisation that the primary school application has to be in. I know it’s not the same across the country, but here in Kent, the primary admissions are controlled centrally by the County Council. This … Continue reading Parental guilt: school choice