Lighting tips for your Garden

Enjoy the late summer and autumnal evenings in beautiful surroundings by giving your garden a lighting make-over! Often over-looked in the garden, lighting is a very effective way of transforming your outdoor space, whatever the size, into a charming plot that will make you proud. Beautiful Borders Illuminate your borders to create a stunning lighting effect that you can enjoy all year round. The Fumagalli … Continue reading Lighting tips for your Garden

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Garden Office: how to create the perfect area to work from home

It’s easy to overlook the potential for space beyond the rear wall of your home, but when it comes to creating a home office, why not separate work and home life by installing a bespoke garden office? Copse Magazine spoke to James Willmott, director and co-founder of Harrison James Contemporary Garden Rooms to get his views on what can be achieved: With 14% of the UK’s … Continue reading Garden Office: how to create the perfect area to work from home

Verandas: Rocking chair optional

Breakfast on the terrace, sundowners on the veranda. Working from home in the garden room, or doors that allow the seamless melding of the outside and in. Teach us to care and not to care.Teach us to sit still.– T.S. Eliot Some people prefer an unadulterated view of the surrounding countryside; rolling hills, meandering streams, snowy mountaintops. For others, it’s the ideal spot from which … Continue reading Verandas: Rocking chair optional

5 Great Garden Ideas

When looking at your home, a garden is an important area you should notice present whether small or large. A garden should create a natural, fresh and inviting environment. If your home has a sizable garden enjoy that space and spend time relaxing and meditating. Modify your garden to become like a room inside your lovely house. For starters choose a style of garden that suits your climate, … Continue reading 5 Great Garden Ideas

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How to Add Curb Appeal to your Home in 2012

Does your home have curb appeal? The outside of your home is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive. These simple home improvements can enhance your outdoor space at speed. These small improvements will not break the bank and will not only add value to your home but they can also attract potential buyers should you wish to put your home on the market. … Continue reading How to Add Curb Appeal to your Home in 2012