The sisterhood of motherhood

Interesting campaign from an american advertiser looking at the different tribes of parents – breastfeeders vs bottlers, stay-at-home mums vs working mums etc. It taps into all the common insecurities parents have, which are usually expressed in defensive attitudes and language. Spoiler alert – it’s all ok in the end, because we’re all just parents first. Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood Continue reading The sisterhood of motherhood

German Vice-Chancellor takes time off to pick up daughter

As far as headlines go, it’s a pretty crummy one. I mean, should it even be news that a father picks up his daughter… even less so when you realise that the news is that he intends to pick her up just once a week. But sadly this non-story has made the headlines in the German national press, the international press, and even on the … Continue reading German Vice-Chancellor takes time off to pick up daughter

The costs of childcare

Childcare costs. A lot. People who earn little get significant state help and subsidy. And so they should – a low-income family’s child doesn’t cost them half as much to care for as the child of a family earning twice as much. It costs the same per hour/day/week for childcare regardless of your salary. Obviously there are more and less expensive nurseries, child-minders, and grandparents. … Continue reading The costs of childcare

Can Women have it all?

Fascinating article from Anne-Marie Slaughter (twitter) in the July/August issue of the Atlantic on Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. The article explores her time working in Washington having ‘made it’ with a high-powered and important career, albeit one that involved spending huge amounts of time away from her children. Her children were not, of course, neglected – aside from missing their mother, they were … Continue reading Can Women have it all?