Top Documentaries to watch before you die

We love documentary films at Copse Magazine and although there are many top ten documentaries lists or top 100 documentary films lists, don’t worry – we have the definitive list of the top documentaries to watch before you die and this list is regularly updated. Rather than rank our list by popularity or worse by rating (and make you wade through pages of adverts to … Continue reading Top Documentaries to watch before you die

Golden Hour silhouette photo of woman

Golden Hour Tips for Better Instagram Photos

Ever looked out of your window and instantly wanted to take a photo of the sky? If so, it’s highly likely that you took a photo of golden hour! Known as ‘golden light photography’ or ‘magic hour photography’, golden hour is a short period in the day when the sun is low in the sky and fills the landscape with that breath-taking golden glow. This … Continue reading Golden Hour Tips for Better Instagram Photos

Outdoor Counselling

Outdoor Counselling transforms therapy

Outdoor Counselling offers an opportunity for engagement between a therapist and a client away from the often clinical space of a counselling room that can sometimes feel too intimate or too threatening to a lot of people who would benefit from counselling the most. Counselling is an important and often under-appreciated aid to our lives that can bring acceptance, understanding, and light to a person’s … Continue reading Outdoor Counselling transforms therapy

social distancing

Social Distancing brings Social Togetherness

Social distancing has created social togetherness in ways that we all expected along with weird and wonderful moments that none of us could have predicted. We will look back upon these shared experiences in the Coronavirus Pandemic with mixed emotions of nostalgia, anger, warmth, anxiety, and pride. COVID-19 has brought us together in mysterious ways – none of us foresaw a shared experience involving Tigers, … Continue reading Social Distancing brings Social Togetherness