Worrinots App helps children with stress and anxiety

Can an app relieve child stress & anxiety?

The Worrinots is a new, award-winning app which allows children to share their worries and fears in a fun, safe and controlled environment. When we were little I seem to remember little worry dolls that you could whisper your worries to just before bedtime, and then you would place them under your pillow for the worry dolls to work on your issues while you slept … Continue reading Can an app relieve child stress & anxiety?

dad parent and child on computer tablet internet

Promoting a safer internet for everyone

Growing up today is much more different than how it was even 10 years ago. With smartphone and computer technology now being so commonly available and used by most adults, children of all ages are getting online to play, learn and explore. While this is beneficial in many ways, it also presents a whole array of new hazards. It’s important that parents responsibly monitor their … Continue reading Promoting a safer internet for everyone

What is World Book Day? What should my child wear?

World Book Day 2018 is fast approaching and we’re excited to begin our Book Day planning to help make it one of the best Book days ever. Taking place in schools up and down the country, World Book Day celebrates a love of literature and is enjoyed by Children of all ages. Originally created 21 years ago as a way of encouraging children to read, … Continue reading What is World Book Day? What should my child wear?

Maternity Leave. What are your rights as a working parent?

The end of paternity or maternity leave is sometimes a stressful time for new parents. Knowing what you are and aren’t entitled to when you step back into the workplace is confusing, but it could make the difference between a stress-free return to work and one littered with worry and uncertainty. Will Hill from Babythingz, a leading supplier of cosytoes and footmuffs, has written an … Continue reading Maternity Leave. What are your rights as a working parent?

Would you ‘unschool’ your children?

How to educate our children always raises differing opinions. Each parent has a different idea of what they think is best – often fueled by their own experiences; good and bad. But what if we let the children decide? Mum of three Vickie has used the ‘unschooling’ parenting method – which means she lets her kids decide what to eat, what to learn and when … Continue reading Would you ‘unschool’ your children?

Don’t react

I have this dream of an ideal morning whereby I wake, stretch, walk slowly but purposefully downstairs, reach for the cold-brew coffee, pour myself a cup and sit down at the laptop and write. But the truth stops much earlier in that process where I wake, stretch, reach for my phone to read the time and then the notifications. Half an hour later of reading … Continue reading Don’t react

convert garage into an office

How To Convert Garage Into an Office or Extra Living Space

Let us take a moment to remember the long forgotten garage. So often built as a safe place to keep our cars, little by little the space starts be taken over by other ‘stuff’. The exercise bike bought last January, used once and left to gather dust, the children’s clothes that are too small for your kids but you just can’t bring yourself to give … Continue reading How To Convert Garage Into an Office or Extra Living Space

The Benefits of PVCu Windows

PVCu windows have always had a bad reputation, with people believing they look cheap and outdated and often opting for seemingly more appealing options when they are installing new windows, such as timber or wood. However, in more recent times, window manufacturers have made it their mission to change these opinions dramatically. They have created PVCu windows that not only continue to incorporate the benefits … Continue reading The Benefits of PVCu Windows