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5 Top Ways to Ensure Your Car Passes Its MOT

Once your car is three years old it must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure that it is still roadworthy and legally compliant with road use rules. This time of year can be trying to car owners, especially when they aren’t sure if their vehicle will pass the test or require expensive repairs to be done. Here are five top ways to make sure your car sails through its MOT test without costing you a fortune.

Regular Maintenance

Think about your vehicle’s condition all the time, not just in the run-up to its MOT. Make sure you get into a routine of checking your car at least once a month, looking for chipped windscreens, tyre issues, and listening to the way the engine runs. Promptly picking up and sorting out small problems makes sure they don’t turn into big ones, and there will be no nasty surprises at your MOT.

Defensive Driving

Alongside regular maintenance, treating your car with care and compassion at all times is a must. This means driving defensively, not speeding and avoiding dramatic acceleration and deceleration. Fender benders, sudden braking and generally abusing your car all take their toll and the wear and tear on your vehicle can impact the results of your MOT – so be gentle with it!

MOT Promptly

You can book your MOT at any time during the 30 days before the expiry of the previous certificate so that you do not lose your anniversary date. Many local garages (Scotland, London etc.) can help you with your annual MOT. Take advantage of this and book your MOT online in Stirling at Fife Autocentre and why not have a service at the same time to ensure that any small matters are taken care of as part of the service?

Use a Checklist

A full list of the items checked by your MOT inspector is readily available online. Keep an eye on the requirements and make sure you know exactly what the inspection will encompass. Knowing, for example, that your view must be free from obstructions can help you to remember to clean the windows, and remove any forgotten items from the ledge behind the back seat. Knowing what the MOT test will look for can help you with your regular maintenance schedule too.

Fix It Yourself

If anything goes awry with the items on the checklist – for example, a light bulb starts flickering – fix it before you book the MOT test. While you will probably not be able to monitor your own emissions or ensure that your brakes are sharp and your steering responsive, you will be able to keep the car clean, inside, outside and underneath, and you can top up fluids, make sure your tyres are properly inflated and perform several similar tasks, all of which can swing your MOT result towards a smooth pass.

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