linen tea-towels from Charvet Editions

Linen Tea-towels escape from the chateau to our kitchen

Linen tea-towels conjure up an image of high tea in the gardens of a French chateau, or the wedding guests waving their linen napkins in celebration as the newlyweds enter the wedding reception as a married couple for the first time.

Since 1866, TRP Charvet has been producing linen tea-towels and other product to the highest standards and exporting the French linen all over the world. Based in Armentières, a city in the North of France – they are based at the epicentre of a city that has been known since the Middle Ages as the ‘city of canvas’.

Linen. tea-towels, tablecloths, napkins and more from Charvet Editions
Linen from TRP Charvet

For more than 80 years, they have produced tea-towels that are found in both professional kitchens and homes all across France and the world and with the world-renowned reputation that French linen has combined with the neo-rustic trend for rustic comfort, now is the time to invest in a set of table linen that can lift both your home and your mealtimes.

The tea-towels are available in a range of linens including their ‘country‘ product line made from 100% linen and available in a range of natural browns and pastel colours – they will add elegance to any dining table, kitchen table, or picnic.

Alongside the kitchen and table product lines, TRP Charvet is also famous for their aprons and bedding lines too, with the linen aprons providing a continuation between materials for the table and the chef/waiting staff in many restaurants celebrating the natural products and the neo-rustic trend.

Linen from TRP Charvet

Over the years, the company has diversified further and their productions lines include everything from the small napkins and linen tea-towels up to boat awnings and more – with the ability to manufacture from 40cm widths up to 3.3 metres.

Find out more on the Charvet Éditions website.

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