Linen tablecloths from MagicLinen

Linen Tablecloths are on-trend for rustic comfort

Linen is a wonderful material that we gravitate back to every year as the summer days approach and the light pours through the windows and onto our tablecloths and curtains.

There is something comforting about linen as a fabric – something that shows us the high quality of the material along with a nostalgia for the linen shirts of our holidays and the linen tablecloths from our childhoods.

Linen Tablecloths

Rustic comfort is bang on-trend for summer 2021 with us seeking comfort and reliability as we exit the Coronavirus pandemic and seek opportunities to socialise with our family and friends in outdoor spaces; linen tablecloths and napkins adorning both our kitchen tables and our picnic sets.

MagicLinen from Vilnius in Lithuania has a fantastic range of natural linen products for the house and garden including their bestselling range of linen napkins, bedding, and tablecloths – available in a variety of colours. They’ve built their business from the kitchen table and bedding sets into an internationally renowned linen homeware supplier without losing that crucial sense of quality and customer care.

linen tablecloths and linen napkins
Linen Napkins from MagicLinen

Their stonewashed linen table runner is available for around £25 and the tablecloths for under £40. The linen duvet sets start at around £160.

MagicLinen handcraft all the linen tablecloths, designs and products from their hometown in the Lithuanian capital and include environmentally friendly postage options that avoid usage of plastics and help to keep the entire process of ordering from them as natural as possible.

You can find out more about Magic Linen on their website.