Handwoven Rugs from la Maison de Lilo

Handwoven Rugs in Eco-friendly Cotton and Jute

Handwoven rugs caught our eye but la Maison de Lilo brings us much more in the way of decor to suit your boho house or apartment.

Since 2003, la Maison de Lilo have been working hard to bring together a wide range of products for both person use and home decor – objects and furnishings that appeal to both our classic timeless tastes and modern trends.

Although sadly, they don’t sell direct to us poor consumers, they do supply their towels, handwoven rugs, and more to local stockists, spas, and hotels around the world.

Focusing on the eco-friendly rugs, they are created from recycled cotton and jute (maybe we can recycle those shopping bags!), which provides us with the eco-friendly and sustainable credentials whilst also allowing us to indulge in natural materials.

The quality of manufacture is upheld through using traditional expertise, ensuring that these handwoven rugs last us a long time, are tough and yet still add a gorgeous natural touch to any home decor. The rugs are available in timeless and more contemporary patterns, and they are also available in trendy colours such as terracotta and ochre, or in natural shades.

As with all of the home decoration and style brands that we feature within the pages of Copse Magazine, we were pleased to find out that la Maison de Lilo takes just as much care and consideration in sourcing their products from manufacturers who follow their own ethos – hence the handwoven rugs that first caught our eye are made from the recycled materials and yet still an utterly beautiful addition to your living room or balcony space.

You can find out more about la Maison de Lilo on their website including contacting them to find a local stockist near you.

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