Yuko B Fashion

Yuko B brings Korean style to home and fashion

Yuko B (written Yūko.B if our anglophone keyboards allow us) manages to bring two corners of the fashion world together with Korean inspired fashion and homewares filtered through a little French style.

They have taken objects in daily use such as handbags, socks, dinnerware, bento lunch boxes, and pillows, and through clever use of design and colour, managed to produce a catalogue for fashion and home that adds light and joy without being gaudy or overpowering.

Although based in France, we think that the magic will survive the trip over the channel so it’s worth reaching out to them for delivery options to the UK.

Take a look at the Bowls DAE collection available in blue, beige, pink, and green at just EUR4.95. All made from 100% Bamboo fibre. It’s tableware in pastel colours that brings a bit of light and life into the neutral tones of most dining areas.

The Rainbow handbags also caught our eye at EUR24.95 they are stylish enough for teenagers or adults to enhance their outfit with a little Korean lustre.

Finally, our pick of the catalogue is the Puppy Socks box set for children aged between 1 and 3 years old – at EUR21.95 for 4 pairs, they are both cute and stylish.

For more information about Yuko B or to purchase any of their items please visit https://yuko-b.com/fr/ or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yuko.b.officiel or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yuko.b.officiel/

Yuko B
8 rue de la Poulaillerie
69002 Lyon
Telephone : +33 09 86 07 58 16
Email : welcome@yuko-b.com