Pass the Pigs Giant Edition

Pass the Pigs – Garden Edition

Pass the Pigs conjures up memories of any childhood, sat in the back of the car or in an airport – long journeys with my sister sat beside me as we threw the little pigs into their case to see just how they would land. Admittedly we probably sometimes threw them at each other too!

Fastforward thirty odd years and here I am a fully grown adult (debatable I know) and I have my own kids who spend their free time with their heads inside XBox games and YouTube and I can feel my nostalgic critical parent head twitching and itching just to get them outside for some wholesome family fun.

Enter Pass the Pigs for the second time in my life. Pass the Pigs have released a giant edition just perfect for family fun, outside games, or even some healthily socially distanced fun in the park with some friends.

After a quick inflation, the giant pigs are ready to be thrust into the air and watched with bated breath as we see how they fall.

Pass the Pigs Giant Edition in action at a Socially Distanced Baby Shower

For anyone not familiar with the game it’s like throwing dice, but with more pigs and less dice, and your score is a result of how the pigs land.

Will you get a Leaning Jowler, a Mixed Combo, or will you Pig Out?

Giant Pass the Pigs retails at around £14.99 and is for two or more players. The set contains 2 inflatable pugs, a rule book, scorecards, pencils, a carry bag, and a deflation and repair kit. You can purchase from Amazon here.