Heng Balance Lamp

Heng Balance Lamp brings zen to your living room

The Heng Balance Lamp is a simple but new and impressive take on the desk lamp. Offering ambient light to your living room, bedroom, or office, the Heng Balance Lamp works through the magnetic balls being placed in close enough proximity to switch on the light.

Li Zanwen won the Red Dot Award 2016 with the Lamp and since then he has managed a successful Kickstarter Campaign and even been selected to feature by the Maison et Objet editorial team.v

Heng Balance Lamp
Heng Balance Lamp switch process

With the switch in mid-air, this lamp seems to capture people’s imaginations in a way similar to that of a Newton’s Cradle – the invisible connectivity of magnetism is so simple and yet untried previously in this format as a table or desk lamp, or for task lighting.

Since the original design, the lamp is now available in square, circular, and elliptical designs and in a range of colours including black, red, white, dark or light veneer.

Heng means balance in Chinese – so we’ll excuse the double naming as it adds to the brand positioning of the warm and soft light with an oriental origin.

The beam angle is 360 degrees and the light is a 3500K warm colour. When switched off, the lamp resembles a piece of sculpture and a talking point for your living space.

The light emits from the inside of the lamp’s frame, giving an indirect and subtle light that is perfect for romantic nights on the sofa or a little ambient light in the office to brighten up a grey day without dazzling or distracting.

You can find out more about the Heng Balance Lamp on their website.

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