Bathroom interior trends for 2019

Interior trends for 2019: Top 5 for your home

The New Year is here and if you’re interested in the top interior trends for 2019, then it’s the ideal time to start thinking about how you’re going to update your home to give it a completely new look.

We spoke to Matt Deighton, Managing Director at bespoke furniture specialists Sofas by Saxon, to find out about the latest interior trends for 2019. Enter Matt…

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home this year, it’s worth finding out what the latest interior trends for 2019 are before you commit to a particular look.

Staying up to date with the latest design ideas will ensure your décor is in style and as fresh as can be. Even if you’re not usually one to follow trends, you might just find some divine inspiration for the next time you update your home.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of my top five interior trends to look out for this year.

Know your 2019 interior colour trends

Every year there are certain colours that end up standing apart from the rest of the crowd, and there are a few candidates this year. [Ed… Copse Magazine always gets excited when Pantone announce the latest colour trend] For one, Living Coral was recently named as Pantone‘s “Colour of the Year 2019“, and it’s easy to see why this warm and lively colour will be used to breathe new life into décors as a featured shade this year.

Another winner is Spiced Honey, which was awarded Dulux’s “Colour of the Year 2019” accolade. This amber tone is incredibly versatile, able to create a calm, autumnal feel on its own or a much bolder look when matched with bolder colours. depending on what its matched with.

Look to exotic style trends for 2019

A trend that’s set to be big this year is the nomad look, where patterns, colours, and accessories from more mysterious shores are mixed and matched to create a truly eclectic atmosphere. Think textiles dyed in earthy shades, terracotta pottery, paisley prints, and plenty of other exotic details.

habitat patterned rugs interior trends for 2019 nomad look
Habitat’s distinctive designs and patterns are created in-house with complementary colours for mixing and matching.

Don’t be afraid to be brave with this look — after all, it’s about being adventurous and incorporating styles you may have shied away from before 2019.

Add some retro fringing and tassels

Sticking with textures and details, retro fringing and tassels are going to make a return in the next 12 months. We first saw this amazing comeback story in the fashion world, and it’s been welcomed by interior designers with open arms.

To capture this trend, you’ll need to work it in through the trimmings of your interior. Add some soft furnishings, like throws, cushions, and curtains, with fringes and tassels for an easy dose of throwback glamour. You could even go all out and bring in more unusual accessories, such as fringed lampshades and mirrors, if you really want to make a statement.

Invest in luxe furniture

The luxe look has been rising in popularity over the past few years, but 2019 really looks like the year that this Art Deco-inspired trend will come home to roost. The cornerstone of the style is luxury furniture pieces that wouldn’t look out of place during a 1920s cocktail party.

Look for velvet Chesterfield sofas in rich colours like red, navy, and purple, metallic coffee tables with glass surfaces, and circular or hexagonal side tables, all of which fit that decadent luxe look. Don’t forget to accessories these with burnished gold, silver, and brass accessories like candlesticks, mirrors, and table lamps.

Industrialise your bathroom with concrete

You might associate concrete with the likes of car parks, bollards, and paving slabs, but making use of this functional material will become more widespread in our homes in 2019.

Having a concrete wall or surface in your bathroom is an effective way of adding raw, industrial style that can easily become a blank canvas for other flourishes like stainless steel or weathered copper. You can even choose to polish your concrete for a smooth finish or leave it in its rugged form for a tougher, Brutalist-inspired look.

Take my top five interior trends for 2019 on board and you can update your home safe in the knowledge you’ll be very much in style this year.

Article by Matt Deighton, Managing Director at bespoke furniture specialists Sofas by Saxon