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Home Office kit: launches handpicked collections

A new online store for remote workers and the world of self-employed freelancers has launched with the mission to support this agile workforce through the provision of handpicked kit, equipment, stationery, and gadgets for their home office or mobile kitbag. is an offshoot of the international stationery and office supplies provider Lyreco, and is intended to help support the growing population of workers who have ‘escaped the office’ and are now working at home, in coffee shops, by the beach – they call these people ‘the Anywheres’.

Home office equipment for those working from home
Office equipment for those working from home

The proposition for is that rather than being overwhelmed by millions of options from an online megastore like Amazon, the site offers a more select, handpicked range of products.

Although Amazon or eBay products are widely reviewed, the wants and needs of someone working in an office or a cubicle farm would be wildly different to those of a worker who is renting a table in a city-centre cafe and working remotely on the available WiFi hotspots. has built a small, agile team of ‘people who get it’. The team is made up of remote workers, self-employed freelance contractors, and people working from remote locations across Europe and Asia.

The Copse Magazine editorial team have been working with them to provide content and interviews to supplement the information already on the website.

The online store goes above and beyond merely selling home office products, and also provides a broad list of resources that are designed to provide additional guidance or support services to the mobile and home workers. These resources include companies who specialise in working with freelancers through to apps that help you drive your productivity forwards and avoid procrastination at home. is an exciting concept where a large and relatively immovable multinational commits to working with a previously underserved population of workers. They’ve done it by putting their money where their mouth is and built a team with real skin in the game.

If you would like to check out their handpicked home office collection, or kit & equipment for Digital Nomads, then visit