What is World Book Day? What should my child wear?

World Book Day 2018 is fast approaching and we’re excited to begin our Book Day planning to help make it one of the best Book days ever. Taking place in schools up and down the country, World Book Day celebrates a love of literature and is enjoyed by Children of all ages.

Originally created 21 years ago as a way of encouraging children to read, World Book Day has now evolved into a countrywide celebration involving Schools, Charities and a range of other organisations with an interest in improving literacy. With each pupil also receiving a £1 Book token to spent on one of World Book Days special £1 books.

This year World Book Day takes places on March 2nd this year, and promises to be bigger and better than ever with a whole host of Celebrities such as David Walliams and Clare Balding contributing their time and effort to help make World Book Day extra special.

But what to wear for World Book Day?

Choosing a World Book Day costume can be a minefield, and we often end up asking ourselves questions such as; “How much do I spend?”, “Is this appropriate for School?” and “Will they be uncomfortable wearing this all day”? Thankfully, we’ve found some fuss free fancy dress themes that will have your child looking wonderful for this year’s World Book Day, all for minimal effort.

Roald Dahl

Go traditional with a wonderful Roald Dahl fancy dress costume. Instantly recognisable to Teachers and Children alike, Roald Dahl’s characters are fantastically fun, with a whole host of options on offer thanks to Dahl’s library of characters.

Choose from popular costumes such as Willy Wonka, Fantastic Mr Fox and the BFG. Or, if you fancy something more unique, choose from costumes such as Mr and Mrs Twit, The Grand Witch or Mrs Trunchbull.

Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is always a popular fancy dress theme, and it’s not hard to see why! Dr Seuss’s books are all about fun and this really shows through his characters. You can either choose a Cat in the Hat costume, or, if your child has a sibling or friend, why not dress them as Thing 1 and 2?

Where’s Wally

Another instantly recognisable outfit, Where’s Wally? is both fantastic fun and extremely easy to create at home. All you need is a red and white horizontal striped sweatshirt and matching hat, with fake glasses to complete the look. If that’s too much, you can always buy a Where’s Wally? Outfit from any fancy dress retailer.

David Walliams

With the soaring popularity of his books, and multiple movies showing over the Christmas period, expect David Walliams to be one of the more popular World Book Day themes this year. Thankfully for us parents, these fancy-dress costumes are all extremely child friendly, with many using simple trousers and tops rather than an extravagant outfit with a mountain of accessories.

Horrible Histories

It might not be as timeless as other Children’s literature, but Terry Deary has certainly found a niche with his hugely popular Horrible Histories series. This World Book Day, why not let your child travel through time in an historically accurate fancy dress costume. With outfits covering the majority of the most popular Horrible Histories Books, including Boudica and Henry VIII, your guaranteed to find a great child’s costume in the Horrible Histories fancy dress collection.

Don’t fancy forking out on an official costume? There are hundreds of homemade outfits to choose from, you just need to get creative. Simply search out your sewing kit, get some fabric, then get creative!

Whatever your child decides to wear this World Book Day, we hope they have a wonderful time, and It ignites a love of literature that sticks with your child forever.

World Book Day 2018 Costumes
World Book Day 2018