The Benefits of PVCu Windows

PVCu windows have always had a bad reputation, with people believing they look cheap and outdated and often opting for seemingly more appealing options when they are installing new windows, such as timber or wood. However, in more recent times, window manufacturers have made it their mission to change these opinions dramatically. They have created PVCu windows that not only continue to incorporate the benefits that PVCu windows are known for, such as durability, security and cost effectiveness, but are now aesthetically pleasing as well, making them a real choice for anyone who is looking to replace their windows.


If you are looking to update your home’s windows but not break the bank then PVCu is a fantastic option. Not only will you save money on the cost of the window, as PVCu is significantly cheaper than many other options, but you will be able to save some money on your monthly household bills as well, as PVCu windows are incredibly energy efficient. They are excellent insulators, so there are no drafts for hot air to escape from your home. Similarly, they are non-conductive, which means they do not transfer heat, which creates a more consistent internal temperature in your house, therefore helping you to reduce energy and heating costs.


PVCu is a low maintenance option. Whereas wooden window frames need to be treated and re-painted as they begin to age over time, PVCu does not need anywhere near this amount of up-keep. Apart from a quick wipe to keep it clean with a cloth and some soapy water, PVCu requires virtually no maintenance at all, making it convenient and time-saving.


If you like to sleep in on a Sunday morning and not be disturbed by your neighbour’s lawnmower at 9 am, then PVCu is the perfect choice as they are able to cut down external noise by up to 70%.


PVCu windows also have the benefit, over other options, of being durable. Unlike timber, they do not warp or rot so will last for years with no need to replace them.


As a home owner, you are always conscious of protecting your household and your loved ones within it. PVCu windows are fabulous for giving you peace of mind when it comes to security. Their frames are very strong making them hard to breakthrough or damage.


PVCu windows don’t need to be the plastic style of yesteryear anymore. There are a variety of options on offer – you can opt for block colours, like contemporary greys or blacks, or if you want the wood-look but with all the benefits that PVCu offer, you can choose frames with woodgrain effects, such as mahogany or rosewood.


If you’re considering PVCu windows, Quickslide would be a great company to approach as they will design, manufacture and install them for you.

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