Make your own painted Easter Eggs

Easter, the time when the darling children announce one evening that they need a homemade Easter bonnet to take into school the next morning and that it should demonstrate superior parental creativity against all other parents. Ok so I added the last bit – the kids didn’t say that, but we all know the subtext, right?

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs by: Erin BrierleyCC BY 2.0

Knowing that most of you are probably hugely excited about the Easter Holidays and spending lots of time with your precious offspring (and nothing at all to do with two bank holidays off work and cracking out the BBQ)… Family & Parenting thought we’d offer up some ideas for Things to do with children during the Easter Holidays – and we give you “Making painted Easter Eggs with your kids”.

  1. Buy Eggs
  2. Blow out the eggs
  3. Give up on trying to blow out the eggs and just hard-boil them, using this as an opportunity to teach your children about the impermanence of art (see also Wabi-Sabi and beach art)
  4. Paint them with brushes, by dipping them, or however you choose
  5. Let them dry
  6. Peel them off the paper towel, cursing the fact that it’s all stuck to the eggs
  7. Decorate by sticking things on from your craft box
  8. Clean paint off floor, walls, and from around the sink
  9. Sit back and smugly admire how creative you and your family are – post pictures of perfect eggs on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.