Natural Birthing

Pregnancy is a complex, stressful but rewarding journey; the process from bump to birth has evolved many times and in recent years this evolution is only getting faster. Natural birthing techniques are a growing trend in the maternity world, after being used in hospital wards through water birth deliveries the range of natural birthing products have now spread further afield. For mothers to be the protection and well-being of their child is at the forefront of their thoughts and in recent years a growth in the number of natural birthing aids have brought forward a new step in the birthing process.

The idea of what we see as natural birthing is nothing new, for thousands of year’s humans and animals alike went through the labour and delivery process completely natural, hospitals pre-1900 didn’t have the same kind of painkillers and anaesthesia most have come to expect when visiting a modern maternity ward. In the period between 1910 and 1930 a faint image of what we have today was starting to emerge. It was in the ‘30s when the notion of women reverting back to a natural, painkiller free delivery first appeared.

There are reasons why the procedure surrounding childbirth is so heavily medicated and regulated, the pain involved with natural births can be too much to handle for some mothers which can place additional stress on everyone involved including the baby. The pain is only one reason why some people can’t cope with natural delivery, many also fall prey to a number of horror stories from mothers who went through natural birth and simply can’t face going through it themselves.

Natural birthing is not just confined to the hospital; businesses have started to spring up around the country to help cater to the needs of mothers to be who aspire for a natural delivery. One of which, the Natural Birthing Company is headed by working NHS midwife Jane Mason, who used her almost decade’s worth of experience working on post-natal wards to launch her own business dedicated to helping make the whole process as easy as possible for those wanting to undertake it. Included in the range of products produced by the Natural Birthing Company, and others like it, are: a soothing post-natal compress solutions, perineal massage oil for pre-birth preparation, and for post-birth a breastfeeding ‘survival kit’. With a partnership nationally with Boots UK, the Natural Birthing Company’s 100% natural, vegan friendly, products can add an additional layer of comfort for expectant mothers from before they enter the delivery room to months later.

Furness general hospital hit the news last year for a group of midwives called ‘The Musketeers’ who were forcing natural childbirth onto women at any cost, a decision that, when coupled with other factors, resulted in the deaths of a number of babies. The fact is that natural childbirth isn’t for everyone. There are a number of unofficial requirements that have to be met for a woman to go through childbirth naturally: the method is only available for women expecting one child, considered full-term, has had no difficulties and has no history of chronic health problems. Jane Mason says that a lot of mothers are looking to keep everything as organic and natural as possible, and that doesn’t necessarily mean just for delivery. Jane said: “People have an idea of what natural birthing is but that will usually end after the baby is born, I found that the amount of women who were seeking natural post-natal products was much higher than expected with the range of products that were available at the time.”

After founding the Natural Birthing Company in 2011, Jane discovered a huge market in the UK for these natural products and quickly capitalised on the opening in the market by launching her business. Today, the Natural Birthing Company stands as one of the most successful producers of natural birthing aids in the UK. Demonstrating the huge increase in interest for natural birthing aids from mothers to be, not only in the delivery room, but before and after also.

While natural delivery isn’t for everybody, naturally produced birthing aids can be used by anyone, regardless on the method they choose to use for delivery. These aids represent a growing market, the next step of evolution for the birthing process to follow.

The Natural Birthing Company was founded in 2011 by working NHS midwife Jane Mason, who using her almost decade’s worth of experience on post-natal wards at Nottingham City Hospital, saw a gap in the market for naturally produced birthing aids aimed at mothers-to-be who want to make their delivery as natural as it can be. All products produced by the Natural Birthing Company are manufactured using 100% natural ingredients making the range vegan friendly.

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