Should we change the conversation about ‘Daddy Daycare’?

What’s your experience (Dads) of days out with the kids when you are solely in charge? Is it women fawning over your masterful control of your delightful offspring as Hollywood would have us believe? Or do you find yourself on the defensive as seemingly innocuous statements about ‘how well you seem to be doing’ come across as patronising; like you’re only looking after the kids as a special occasion and despite the fact you’ve managed to herd cats, pacify monkeys, and entertain energetic distracted mini-humans… you still couldn’t do it as well as Mummy does?

Or maybe you’ve had a neutral experience – maybe no-one has even given it a second thought that there is a Man in charge. I’d hope that’s the case.

This article on the BBC News website today picks up on a conversation from Reddit, whereby Al Ferguson from the Dad’s Network is keen for the conversation to change “It’s just out of date. The modern dad is more active in their family life than they were historically. It’s out of date to assume the mum is the primary caregiver.”


As more and more Dad’s are taking an active role in family life, as more ‘single-dads’ are seizing their alternate weekends with both hands, and as ‘stay-at-home-dads’ are a more popular choice (which in itself reflects that there has been great progress in Women’s pay and career prospects)… let’s just hope that this negative perception of Dads parenting their children, changes.

Meet the men hitting back at what they say is a sexist stereotype. Read the full article: The fathers saying ‘Dads don’t babysit’ – BBC News

James Cole

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