Leesa mattress – product review


On looking through the Leesa website, we found all of the relevant information was there – the world of mattress purchasing can be quite daunting in terms of size, firmness, thickness, heat-transfer, etc but luckily (for us) the Leesa website successfully simplifies all this. Mostly by just offering one type of mattress.

Leesa manages to strike a perfect balance between giving you the technical information you ned in order to compare against other potential choices, whilst still managing to keep to the ethos of simplicity, manifested as ‘we’ve done all the hard work finding the best mattress – you just pick the size’

After a quick trawl through the man-drawer to find a tape measure, we double-checked the dimensions of the newly-delivered Habitat bed and placed the order.


After completing our details and placing the payment, we received an order confirmation by email – all very quick and painless.

One part of the process we were a little wary of was the lack of delivery options. It would be good to have the option to pay a surcharge for Saturday delivery.

Anything that makes my life easier is great; not having to traipse around a store is brilliant. Having a mattress delivered to my house is amazing; having it squashed into a box so that it’s easier to manoeuvre into final position is outstanding! But the reality is that my life is far from simple. Me and couriers have a somewhat fraught relationship where we pass like ships in the night, and unless a particularly generous neighbour happens to be in at the time, then I find myself making regular trips to the the post office, and the depots of UPS, Fedex et al.

And thus, the courier gods were not smiling upon us. As true to form, we received the calling card of doom.

I’d like to point out that none of this is Leesa’s fault per se, I mean – my commute, and extracurricular (pub-related) activities that preclude me from being home at a decent time, are definitely not Leesa’s responsibility. But the option of having (and paying extra for) the chance to book a delivery slot for a Saturday would have saved me a drive to the nearest UPS palace of dreams.

Back to the review.

The mattress was, as promised, packed into a ridiculously compact box considering it was a kingsize mattress. This is probably a good moment to point out that just because the air has been squashed out, the heavy bits are all still there, and whilst small in size – the box is heavy, and you would be better off with two people to carry it.

Once home, the mattress box was moved to the bedroom and the great unboxing ceremony began.

Inside the box (which had definitely seen the inside of a couple of courier vans) was a flattened and rolled-up mattress, protected perfectly by thick clear plastic sheet, and vacuum sealed.

Next step was to roll out the vacuum-packed mattress into roughly the right position and then carefully cut the plastic to let air in. And thus the magic begins in front of your eyes!

After an initial rush of air, the mattress very slowly takes form – over approximately the next hour, the mattress fluffed up to it’s full size, growing before your eyes. It genuinely is impressive to see. It also smells, a lot.

After airing the room before bed and leaving it until the last possible moment to put the bedcovers on, the anticipation was building. As a man who traditionally prefers a hard mattress, or sleeps on the floor (helps counteract the back pain from hunching over this laptop all day!), how was a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mattress going to work for me?

Additionally, I’ve not had great experiences in the past with memory foam mattresses. I’ve found them too hot, and I’ve discovered (perhaps uniquely?) that my torso is considerably heavier than my legs, leaving my top-half sinking and a feeling of going to sleep with all the blood above the waist.

Sceptically I spent the first night on the mattress. It was brilliant.

The mattress was comfortable, not sweaty at all, and didn’t leave me tilted to one end, or stuck in position like I was in a jelly mould.

The only negative was the persistent smell (which diminished after about 48 hours). On the massively positive side, my previous back pain actually subsided and has not returned since.

I was wary of the online reviews before as they all sounded a little bit too good to be true, and I’ve deliberately held off posting this review until I had completed the full 100 day trial and therefore can, hand on heart, say that not only am I keeping it, but I would recommend you take the plunge and try it too.

You can find out more about Leesa mattresses at www.leesa.co.uk