5 Tips For Finding The Right Mattress

Do you know that you spend almost one-third of your ‘LIFE IN BED’!

It means you spend a good amount of time in bed either sleeping or just lying. So you really need to invest in a good quality mattress as you will be using them frequently for a long time. Finding the right mattress requires some skills. So we have listed down some tips that will ease your work.

  1. Decide your budget

Before you start looking for a mattress, first of all, decide your budget as you need to be sure about how much you can spend on it. Once you know your budget, you can buy the best that fits within your range. This way you will be stopped from overspending. Remember that most of the salesperson have the tendency to make you shop more. So when you decide to buy a mattress, they will also bring to you other products like the mattress cover, bedframes, extended warranties and some other accessories. So make a note of those add-ons in advance before you head to the shop.

In case you want to save money, better look for offers at different online stores. Many stores sell products on discount regularly.

  1. Buy mattress depending on its type

Different brands bring in mattresses with different names. But there are only some basic types. They are:

Memory foam
Memory foam mattress takes the shape of the body when you sleep. It provides even support and pressure on all the parts of the body. In short, you almost sink into the memory foam mattress. This mattress gets warm during the night and so if you want to sleep on a cool surface then avoid sleeping on it.

Sleep number beds
This beds come with air pressure chambers so that you can decide the firmness depending on your requirement. You can make the mattress softer or firmer depending on your comfort.

  1. Try the mattress

When you’ll visit a store to buy a mattress, make sure you try it properly. Just lying on the bed for a few seconds will not be enough. Make sure you lay on the bed in the same position you sleep daily and relax for some minutes. This way you will get an idea whether it is soft or hard for you.

  1. Don’t shy to haggle

When it comes to buying a mattress, we are always looking for a chance to spend less. So once you have selected your mattress, ask them for some reduction in the price. This may not be possible at some stores. If you are buying from a major chain, you are sure to find flexibility in the price. It is not necessary that you will get a positive response every time but there is no harm in trying.

Another option is to go online. You are sure to find sales and regular deals on mattresses at online shops. So once you have them, use them at the stores while making the payment.

  1. Look for some attractions

Most of the reputed mattress companies give the option of in-home trial. So definitely go for this option before you buy one. If you are not satisfied by the mattress, you will get a full refund or an exchange. See that the company offers a delivery service and takes away the old mattress. Some even provide a warranty on the product.

So if you have any plans to change your mattress and buy a new one, just follow these tips and buy one that helps you to sleep well.