WeWork creates its first residential building (via Fast Company)

Copse Magazine believes that campus style living is the next big growth area in urban letting, which we discussed in our article ‘Campus Lifestyle‘. Here, Fast Company, takes a look at WeWork – the co-working space provider – as they make their first foray into residential units.

“Coliving” is obviously not new (see the kibbutz, the commune, the close-knit neighborhood), and WeWork is not the first to turn it into a business. Coliving startups, which typically charge rent (or “membership”) on a month-by-month basis, see an opportunity to provide flexible housing for affluent millennials, who are flocking to urban areas at a higher rate than any other previous generation, even as rents in cities like New York and San Francisco hit record highs.

Source: From WeWork To WeLive: Startup Moves Members Into Its First Residential Building | Fast Company | Business + Innovation