Ice Hotel Church @ Jukkasjärvi, FInland

The Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi

All right stop. Collaborate and listen. Ice is back…

Every year, when Torne River turns to ice a new Icehotel is created in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, located 200 kilometer north of the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden. The ice of the river is transformed to to form an immersive experience of design and architecture.

The hotel is actually in operation all year round. During the summer the accommodation is in cabins instead of rooms made of ice and snow, and it is the attraction of the stillness and adventure in beautiful natural surroundings that brings guests from across the world to Jukkasjärvi.

During the summer, for 100 days, the sun never sets and the guests enjoy mountain biking, river rafting and fishing.

In Jukkasjärvi over sixty creative people are working year round to bring together experiences, ideas, blueprints, artists’ applications and deliveries of ice. During the years Icehotel has created new ice bar interiors at the permanent ice bars in Stockholm and London, and ice installations at Milan Design week, for BMW in South Africa, Chanel and other global brands.

For more information, visit the Icehotel website.

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