100 Women 2015: Desperate not to have children – BBC News

Two women – one from the UK, the other from Iran – reflect on their decision to stay child-free at any cost.

Maybe you’ve all been through it. That Sunday lunch with the family, that dinner party with your newly childed friends. Those brief remarks made to you, seconds after your wedding ceremony has been completed.

“So”. They say. “Will we soon be hearing the patter of tiny feet?”.

“No”, you want to counter. Deep breath. “I don’t actually want to have children”. You fight the urge to fill the silence. There’s ironically, a very pregnant pause. Your friends, family, and temporary adversaries are looking at you, seeking answers to questions you don’t think need asking, let alone answering.

And that’s how it seems to be. An expectation that every woman wants to have children, needs to have children. But not all do. Not all women have the urge to procreate. Not all women can. Not all women want to have children, and the reasons for this can be myriad, and most importantly – the reasons do not have to be shared or justified.

In this article from the BBC, two women share their stories about not getting pregnant.

Source: 100 Women 2015: Desperate not to have children – BBC News