Grand Canyon from Space Balloon

In 2013, a group of friends got together to launch a balloon to the edge of space to take photos and video footage of the Grand Canyon.

With a custom designed and 3D printed chassis, the group included a Go Pro camera and camcorder for the video footage and a Samsung mobile phone for photographs and crucially – as the GPS tracker.

Sadly for them, the phone never registered a signal again on it’s route down, so they never received a signal to let them know where the balloon has landed and where they could find it again – as it turned out, 50 miles away.

fast forward two years and an AT&T employee was hiking through the desert when she stumbled across the remnants of their experiment. She took the phone into her local AT&T store where they established the owner of the sim card within the phone and the group finally got hold of the footage they thought was lost for ever.

More information can be found on Reddit here: I sent GoPro attached to a weather balloon above the Grand Canyon, and got this money shot

James Cole

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