Hotel Cafe Royal Ten-Room

Green Tomatoes (or Red Peppers) at the Hotel Café Royal

it looks like Can’t cook won’t cook may have finally got an upgrade by the London restaurant scene as the Hotel Café Royal’s Ten Room Restaurant invites diners to submit four or fewer of their own ingredients for the restaurant’s top chefs to concoct a bespoke culinary menu.

For £70 a person, and after 48 hours notice of your shopping bag, the chefs will discuss the potential menu with you, including sourcing and preparation tips as part of the Bring Your Own Ingredients experience.

The Evening Standard challenged the restaurant to a rather odd mix of cheese strings, beetroot, salmon fillets, and chocolate hobnobs – although we understand that the concept is really intending for you to bring ingredients that you have grown or caught.

It’s an incredible experience that helps you to understand how this flagship restaurant functions and the expertise behind it. We would thoroughly reccomend you try it out. Just leave the hob-nobs at home.