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Brighten up your bathroom

One of the questions we often get asked is how to achieve a ‘magazine look’ for a rental – balancing low-cost, with durability, and design. Whilst the truth is now go look at home and decorating pinterest pages, it used to be scour through the IKEA catalogue and try and curate your own look from their product range without looking like any of your neighbours.

But with Argos’ acquisition of Habitat, it seems to have spurred them to up their own game – especially when it comes to the basics. A fan of their colour-match ranges, I thought I’d take a quick look at what else they have to offer when it comes to the small home furniture/furnishing essentials.

First up – the bath mat. Not exciting I’ll grant you, but essential in any home.

I’m a huge fan of the natural wood duckboard – it shrieks scandinavian sauna and brings a welcome piece of natural materials into your bathroom.

The truth though is somewhat less beautiful. I found that I stubbed my toe on it every time I entered the room, and further – sadly against its very principles of existence, it was bloody uncomfortable to stand on.

It has, however, found a useful role within my flat. It now stands proudly by the front door as a place for wet or mussy shoes – keeping them clear of the carpet, and allowing airflow around to help them dry.

A great product at a cheap price. But not for the bathroom.