Festive Interior Design for the Non-Traditionalist

As we are now firmly into October, we’re starting to think that getting excited about Christmas is perfectly acceptable. Mercifully the stores have held back on the decorations, Shaking Stevens hasn’t yet been blasted out hither and nether and that Coca Cola advert hasn’t yet aired in all its glory. All in all, we’d say it’s allowed us to anticipate the festive period with a greater fervour than previous years.

Because while as a child, Christmas meant magic and excitement, as an adult the event has taken on an equally important significance; time with the family, time off work and generally a truly special time of year to relax and celebrate. Who’s kidding themselves? Christmas is coming!

But we understand that even for the most dedicated Christmas lover, the notion of the traditional 6ft tree isn’t always practical for the modern home and the expanding family. So whether your personal style is a little more gothic or you physically can’t fit a tree into an already busy living room, we’re bringing you the festive design inspiration for the non-traditional. And yes, Santa still stops by the unconventional Christmas home…

Not So Evergreen Trees

If you can’t bring yourself to adorn your adult abode with a traditional green tree complete with fairy on top, then opt for a slightly darker theme and choose an artificial tree with a blue or black tint. Whilst slightly more ‘luxury’ and harder to come by, they make a great addition to homes with a ‘tougher’ style of decor. Think of them like a pair of leather look leggings; they might not be conventional but they sure are sexy!

Woodland Style on a Budget

If you’re due to move into a new place (maybe your first?!) shortly before the most wonderful time of the year, then extra expenditure and clutter is likely to be the last thing on your mind – even if you are the most dedicated Christmas fan. This is where utilising a little of nature’s finest comes into place and trust us when we say, for mostly free finds the natural woodland effect looks truly stunning.

Simply source a tall robust glass vase and fill almost to the brim with shale, pebbles or any sort of aggregate that takes your fancy. Then collect a selection of slim twigs (naturally felled) and allow to dry in a garage or utility room. Once completely dry, spray the twigs with silver paint (opt for low VOC) and insert into the vase. Drape the twigs with a string of delicate LED fairy lights and hang silver and blue baubles of selected branches. Finally, display in a prominent setting (or complete on a smaller scale for a table centrepiece) for a beautiful festive display.

Once you have created your own ‘tree’ you can then continue the theme throughout your home with silver pinecone displays. Fill clear glass bowls and vases (these can be picked up very cheaply from outlets such as Wilkinsons) with the pinecones and dot on mantelpieces and coffee tables for maximum effect. Of course as with all natural finds, ensure the pinecones are completely dry before spray painting and displaying.

Modern Ideas for Zero Space

Even if you relish the idea of a bushy tree and all the trimmings, if your family is growing then a space-consuming tree might not physically fit into your new-found domestic bliss! Not to mention, small children (and puppies!) are prone to bumping into obstacles and chewing low hanging temptations. So whether it’s for space, safety or you just can’t be bothered taking down the tree in January, there’s a fantastic range of personalised wall stickers on Not on the High Street. From trees compiled from your family names to reindeers, wreaths and Christmas greetings, it’s simple to create a festive centrepiece without losing a chunk of your living room. Plus the kids will love seeing their names etched on your walls…

Non-traditional yes, but we think these ideas still embody that festive charm that’ll be popular with you and your little ones. If you’ve created a stunning unconventional space of your own then please feel free to share too, we love to draw inspiration from your home-made creations.

Victoria is writing on behalf of Christmas Tree World, providers of luxury artificial Christmas trees for homes, businesses and hospitality venues. Like us on Facebook for your chance to win a tree and a treat packed hamper!