The Zetter Hotel London

Boutique London hotel: The Zetter Hotel

It was a dark and stormy night, no, genuinely it was. It just so happened that the St Judes storm of October 2013 was approaching London, and I found myself with nowhere to stay and no trains running to take me home to Kent.

It was then I remembered about the Zetter hotel. The Zetter hotel is a boutique hotel in Clerkenwell, London and I had been there before for a corporate event but never to stay the night.

The hotel positions itself as being quirky, and it was. But I loved the fact that instead of a coffee maker in my room, there was a proper espresso maker in the hall for the whole floor to use – a perfect example of function, accessibility, and quirkiness.

The room itself was laid out in a cosy and indulgent manner, with books to read and nooks and shelves on which to store the limited amount of stuff I had brought with me on this unexpected stay.

The bathroom and shower facilities were outstanding, and the bedding and pillows meant I got an incredibly good night’s sleep regardless of the storm rattling around outside.

I can’t recommend this hotel enough, considering you are in the heart of London – to find a hotel that pays enough attention to detail, without overdoing it and resulting in a ‘too cool’ experience with none of the comforts; the Zetter Hotel strikes the balance just right.

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